45 Minutes

BOGAFIT is an NASM, AFAA & ACE cec approved innovative fitness program that builds strength, deepens flexibility, and improves balance and coordination through a carefully selected set of movements on the FITMAT which is similar to a Stand Up Paddleboard. BOGA FIT exercises incorporate various upper and lower body moves that enhance the benefits of traditional fitness movements while minimizing the harsh impacts of traditional land exercises, creating high intensity workouts that remain low intensity on your body.

Cardio Intervals & Cardio Box

45 Minutes

Boxing and MMA cardio focused workouts with no bags, no wraps and no ring. It’s just you and your own killer drive to be your best, programmed with the motivation and instruction that powers you through five steady, hardcore rounds. These one-of-a-kind classes will train you to move, look and feel like a warrior.

Lunch Box


Calling all men and women who want to stimulate their mind and body with something safe and new in a short period of time! This class was developed for those wanting to work on creating or enhancing boxing skills. Great for cardio conditioning, as well as building strength and endurance through, boxing drills, shadow boxing and a variety of core strengthening exercises. Lightweight gloves are suggested but not required. Available for purchase. 

Strength and Conditioning


Variations of cardio and strength intervals will have you pushing yourself to new limits in this class using both weights and your own body weight. Different types of equipment and training techniques will be introduced to enhance your strength in daily life activities as well as in sports by improving full body strength, endurance, balance, agility and reaction time. 










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